Community Engagement Walk

    Danville Virginia Police Captain Matt Carter & Major Dean Hairston (Courtesy Flickr)

    DANVILLE, Va. – Danville Police Chief Scott Booth and officers of the Danville Police Department will hold a community engagement walk Wednesday afternoon April 18, 2018 in the Old West End neighborhood. This will be the third such walk in a planned series spanning the balance of the year.

    The walk will begin at 5 p. m. with staff deploying from the lot of Crema & Vine located at the corner of Main and Holbrook. As the newest venture into the areas revitalization efforts it is important to note the continued interest in citywide revitalization and focus on crime and safety. Chief Booth and his staff will divide into teams and go door to door to houses in the areas between Holbrook and Jefferson (west to east) and Grove to Green (north to south) as time permits. These walks serve as a platform to build public trust and develop positive relationships between officers and community members.