Martinsville Speedway to Host Race with No Cars


Miles in Martinsville, in partnership with Martinsville Speedway, is proud to
announce the first running of the Martinsville Speedway Mile.

This race is a salute to the historical allure of the one mile run. Most runners,
along with the general public, are familiar with the first sub 4 minute mile run by
the late Sir Roger Bannister. On May 6, 1954, Bannister ran a mile in 3 minutes
and 59.4 seconds. That race, some 64 years ago, set a standard to which high
school, college and professional runners continue to aspire to this day.

Typically, runners experience the one mile run only as part of a track meet. Most
often at a high school or college track team event. This race will not be run on a
standard 400 meter track but rather at a unique venue.

Runners will negotiate approximately two laps around one of America’s iconic
auto race tracks…The Martinsville Speedway. Built in 1947, the track continues
70 years later as a major stop on the NASCAR circuit, hosting the STP 500 and the
First Data 500 Monster Energy Cup races. They will finish their race at the same
checker board finish line used for auto races.

There are a number of “road miles” conducted throughout the country and they
provide runners a diversion from the many typical 5Ks, 10Ks, half marathons, etc. Notable are the 5 th Avenue Mile and the BAA Invitational Mile which attract world
class athletes and pay large purses to the winners. On a more local note,
Blacksburg’s Draper Mile was run for the 36 th time in 2017, attracting 336

Runners generally enjoy the opportunity to test their optimum mile speed. The
reason is simple. One’s best time in the mile is a good predictor of how fast one
can run longer road races with proper training. For example, based on several
well-known running calculators, if you can run a 7:00 mile, you can likely run a
23:30-24:00 5K. If you can run a 6:00 mile, it would predict potential for a 20:00-
21:00 5K.

The race(s) will be conducted in several categories. There will be “faster” heats for
men and women and “moderately paced” heats for men and women, all based on
predicted finish times. There will be a separate race for children under 12 years
of age.

Awards will be given for top three overall Male/Female Winners in each category
and for top three in Male/Female Age Groups.

Speedway stands and infield will be open to spectators, free of charge. Runners
and spectators are encouraged to park in Display Parking lot and enter speedway
through Gate 4 or the Infield Tunnel at Gate 8 near Turn 4.

For more information and registration, visit here.