Pollen Counts are Going to be “Very High” for the Next Three Days

Rhododendron in bloom on Mulberry Road in Martinsville

According to the Weather Channel, today, Thursday, and Friday are going to be “very high” in tree and grass pollen, their highest rating. Spring may be a week or so away, but people are already sneezing and sniffling. Allergists agree it’s bad all over Virginia right now due to February’s warm temperatures and early spring blossoms. Tree pollen, in particular, is several weeks ahead of its normal Spring arrival.

The Centers for Disease Control count allergies as the sixth leading cause of chronic illness. As a rule of thumb, the dryer and warmer the weather, the higher the poll

Rhododendron is also known as the Great Laurel

en count. Rain and cooler temperatures keep the count down.


If you are 1 of the 50 million people in the U.S. who suffers from allergies, it’s suggested to keep up with the allergy-forecast from sources like the Weather Channel. If the numbers are very high, like they are right now, stay inside and keep the windows closed. If you drive, keep the windows rolled up. If you have to be outside, wear a mask and then take a shower when you come inside. Over the counter medicine works for most, but if your reactions are severe, you may need allergy injections available under a doctor’s care.